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Become a member

WWP Association would be honoured to welcome everybody sharing the values conveyed by its project. 40 euros are necessary to join the association for a year.

Your contributions are of great help for us. Indeed, our association is very young and spending money to acquire various basic things requires your help : for example to buy computer equipment, pay for travelling costs, postage expenses, charges to register in various calls for projects….

However, above all that, your contributions make the community of all those who support the water park of the future become larger and larger every day. They embed the foundation of a new social entity, responsible and bound to merging continental and coastal inhabitants to lead them to a future of shared happiness.

They also enable us to have more weight when getting in touch with future partners.

As a member, you will be able to attend WWP annual meetings if you please and to receive the latest news about the project’s progress.

Do you want to become a member ? Nothing is easier. Choose the solution you prefer :

  • Do you want to send us a cheque or to make a credit transfer ? Here is the WWP membership form . Read it carefully to get all information about the order of the cheque and the association’s address. You will also find the necessary information to make a transfer.

    You will need to get the membership form printed, to fill it in and sign it before sending it to our address. You will then receive a receipt and a membership certificate at home.

  • Do you prefer using a credit card ? So we work with a French platform called HELLO ASSO that will guarantee a safe transaction. The platform only hosts associations that have gone through the strictest authentification procedures.

    Here is the widget that gives you a direct access to the current WWP membership campaign on the platform :

    Propulsé par HelloAsso

    After becoming a member, we will provide you with a receipt and a membership certificate that we will send to your address.

If you want to make a donation, our association cannot deliver any tax rescripts for the moment but we would be soon able to do it in few months.

To make a donation, by credit card, you can also use the HELLO ASSO widget just above.

If you want to make a donation using a cheque or a credit transfer, you will find all information about transfers on the WWP membership form.

Let’s hope many of you will find some interest in our project and help it make headway !