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WhiteWater Pulse Project

WWP is a collective interest project whose purpose is the creation of a whitewater park resort of a new kind, the creation of an E-forum aimed at building links between coastal and continental inhabitants and the federation of economical partners in order to build a centre 4.0 able to conceive and make bio-sourced waterslide equipments.

Thanks to a diversity of courses ( Languages and Sport, Psychology and Sport, Ecology and Sport, Culture and Sport, Youth / Citizenship and Sport ), the project gives continental inhabitants and their coastal counterparts innovative opportunities to build constructive friendly links in order to enhance a better mutual understanding of eachother’s needs, to increase their recommendation skills regarding the interaction between man and nature, especially with regard to the crucial issue of ocean and upstream rivers preservation and depollution.

WWP association is thinking of building the very first water park of the resort in Lorraine, continental crossroads of Western Europe. The park will display a wide variety of whitewater activities for leisure or training. It will enable people to share experiences and skills whether they usually train on natural spots or artificial ones.

Not only does WWP respond to a growing need in our society but it also definitely is a responsible eco-structure. Indeed, WWP members think that XXIst century water parks should be places dedicated to leisure and training but should also be meaningful places whose purpose is to increase public awareness in a positive, dynamic manner, to encourage public reflection and even to take action regarding the vital issues that have already begun to impact our environment and society : the rising sea level, ocean water acidification, submersion, infiltration…

Both coastal and continental populations will have to face those phenomenons and both of them will benefit from finding places that drive us all to do things together. WWP water parks are indeed places leading to the emergence of a collective awareness and intelligence. Wherever you come from, continentals or coastals, you will all find a place to share your waterslide experiences but also to share your cultures, to think about the way you can enter the XXIst century dynamic, a dynamic that will undoubtedly be imposed on us all by WATER, in the most responsible manner.

WWP is a meaningful project that has already drawn the attention of numerous institutions in France and in the world. Between 2014 and 2016, it was presented to several foundations such as Batigere Foundation, UEM Foundation, Bettencourt-Schueller Foundation, Maud Fontenoy Foundation, Prince Albert of Monaco Foundation, …

It has also participated in the European call for project ADVOCATE EUROPE, in the French call for project LA FRANCE S’ENGAGE and was chosen last year by the French Ministry of Environment, Energy and Sea to come to Paris and be explained to experts of sustainable development within the framework of its national call for ideas IMAGINEZ LE LITTORAL DE DEMAIN.

Finding members, partners, ambassadors, philanthropists who share our values, like the project and are willing to add their contribution is our main goal for the year 2017.