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WHITEWATER PULSE is a French association that sprang up in May 2016 after a three-year study about the way former and current water parks have been set up at a global level and especially about the way they could impact environment in the XXIth century

WHITEWATER PULSE is a non-for-profit association and is thinking of becoming a “ cooperative society of collective interest “ one day, thus joining the values of what French authorities call the ESS economy, that is the Social and Solidarity Economy.

The purpose of the association is the creation of a whitewater park resort of a new kind; it will work with an E-forum dedicated to building links between coastal and continental inhabitants. Besides, the association aims at federating economical partners in order for the water park to house a centre 4.0 that will be able to conceive and to produce bio-sourced waterslide equipments thanks to additive processes.

Our values

partage d'experiences


developpement durable

Sustainable development



The future-bound water park

White Water Pulse is a water park where you can have fun and discover whitewater activities but also learn and train. It is the place where you can discover activities that have often been widely practised in coastal areas but not enough in continental ones.

The park’s various installations offer a wide range of whitewater activities whether you are a beginner or have already had some experience.

WWP also cares about environmental issues very much. That is why its infrastructures fit the strictest sustainability requirements. Besides, WWP will encourage you to start thinking all together about eco-practises regarding all kinds of whitewater activities and to take part in a reflection about the urge to use sea-friendly materials when building waterslide equipment in the XXIst century in order to protect human health and environment.


Surfing, Sup-boarding, bodyboarding

Have you ever thought of waterslide activities without ever thinking of using a board ?

A large wave pool providing a safe, recreative and training spot for surfers, SUP and bodyboarders even at night.

Professional coaches and young champions coming from all continents will share with you leisure and training practices all year long.


Can you imagine a water park without a recreative place where dauntless adults and children can “ let off steam “ in a friendly and exhilarating atmosphere ?

WWP recreative “ slip and slide “ spot with its numerous toboggans, amazing tubes and water jumping spot will soon become for families and friends THE place to be : sharing crazy sliding experiences, remembering singular tubes whose old-fashioned pattern was designed after that of a French reknowned aquadrome of the 1980s, embellished with innovative gadgets from the XXIst century….all that makes WWP a unique place

Kayaking, Riversledging

WWP makes it possible to practice traditional whitewater activities such as kayaking or canoeing but also encourages you to discover emergent ones just like riversledging. Take your sledge, flippers and helmet and listen carefully to our professional coaches to open yourselves a way through various obstacles in turbulent white waters. Our hydrospeed and kayak experts who have experienced the most dangerous Alps torrents will share unforgettable moments with you all along a several hundreds of meters river.


An innovative canyoning spot providing five hectares for leisure and training activities all year long.

Adaptative training courses combining languages, sport and psychology aimed at varying or reinforcing performances are under the supervision of a professional staff that can elaborate special courses for sportsmen and women as well as some pilots in search of a variety of training practices regarding their specific objectives.

All kinds of managers and their staff can also be coached in order to develop specific skills or strengthen some physical as well as mental abilities.

In addition, WWP offers :

Health care and relaxation ( watsu-wata, water osteopathy, water yoga, among others )

Aqua-disco restaurant




WWP e-forum is aimed at creating multiple partnerships with experts from the worlds of sustainable development, ecology, education and sport, among others. It contributes to making WWP a scalable advanced eco-structure dedicated to weaving links between people living in continental areas and those living in coastal ones.

Accessible to everyone who cares about environment and water, the forum will centralize reflections, suggestions and recommandations regarding :

The forum also houses the Blue Squads Project, an innovative program that participated in the French call for projects named La France s’Engage in January 2017. Its goal is to create links between young members of French town, city or region councils located in a continental area and those belonging to such French councils located in coastal areas. They will be encouraged to form the first French “ surf and turf “ binomials whose tasks will be as numerous and varied as :

WWP e-forum finally develops an innovative strategy aimed at creating links of a new kind : it will enable young whitewater champions who live in coastal areas to take part in various sponsorship programs in exchange of their coming to WWP in order to share training experiences with continental people who often practice whitewater activities in continental areas. On the long term, we will also be able to offer “ Responsive Responsible Reciprocal Partnerships ” for clubs, committees, associations that are located in coastal areas and are willing to building links with continental people. The forum will thus be the place where that “ supply and demand ” system will be centralized.


actu à la une


Ener J Meeting, Paris

8 février 2019

Le projet WWP résolument tourné vers un avenir durable !!

De très belles rencontres pour WWP au Ener J Meeting hier à Paris !!

Face à l'urgence climatique et aux défis de la neutralité carbone en 2050, le bâtiment, premier secteur le plus émissif, est une priorité : [...]

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